Tryllian Agent Development Kit

Today’s world is connected — and in this connected world, the Tryllian Agent Development Kit fits perfectly. The ADK provides a platform for dynamic, smart software components that can work together with the outside world and with each other without raising a sweat on the programmer’s brow.

The ADK offers the following:

  • Task oriented programming
  • Secure mobile code
  • Communication between components with http, https or jms
  • Integration with J2EE application servers
  • Integration with web services
  • Works on a range of platforms from IBM zSeries to mobile phone.
  • Lots of high-quality documentation

The ADK excels wherever code needs to be updated remotely, needs to perform monitoring or assisting functionality in intermittently connected situations.

Open source

The ADK is dual-licensed under the LGPL and under a proprietary license, so no matter what your licensing requirements, you can work with the ADK to create great appications with federated dynamic smart components — the easy way!

Task Oriented programming

One of the innovations of the ADK we’re most proud of, is task-oriented programming. When building an ADK application, you will define tasks: high level active building blocks that can be combined together in an intuitive and manageable way to create complex logic.

Cross platform

The ADK runs on Windows, Unix, OS X — we’ve even tested it on big iron IBM mainframes. In fact anywhere that the Java Standard Edition version 1.4 runs, the ADK will run. For webservices and JMS extensions or the J2EE integration, you will need J2EE, of course.


Remco Schaar is the maintainer of the ADK for Tryllian. You can contact him with any questions.

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The latest version of the ADK — 3.2.0 — contains the following improvements:

  • NIO based fast file transfer between runtime environments
  • Run without a persistence database on disk